visitors0Visitor Information

Subject to tee availablity non-society visitors are welcome to Penwortham thoughout the week and although we like to keep our rules to the minimum please ensure that you help us to help you by familiarising yourself with our Visitor Guidelines.

Note - golfing society bookings only available Monday to Friday
(exc Tuesday) - please visit our societies page for further details.

Visitor Guidelines

Each player must possess his/her own set of clubs and sharing of clubs is therefore prohibited. Green fees should be paid prior to play and a green fee tag should be displayed. Three balls are the preferred group size. Ride on buggies may only be used with the prior permissions of the Club Manager. Visitors are also requested to ensure that they comply with the Club's requirements relating to:

-  Etiquette on the Course
-  Dress on the Course
-  Dress in the Clubhouse
Green Fees

Penwortham Golf Club offers fantastic dealsvisitors2on Green Fees

April to October inclusive  

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Weekday Round £29.00
Weekend Round £35.00


Member Guest Round
(all days)

November to March inclusive

Weekday Round £22.00
Weekend Round £28.00


Member Guest Round
(all days)

Societies (parties of 10 or more)   

April to October inclusive

Weekday Round £25.00
Weekday 27 Holes £30.00
Sunday Round £35.00

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(limited Sunday bookings available)

 November to March inclusive

Weekday Round £17.00

Playing Information

Handicap Certificates

Players must be bona-fide golfers with a handicap issued by a golf club (certificates to be produced upon request) or be a member of a recognised golf society. If in doubt please discuss at the time of booking.

Visitor Guidelines (Full).

Prior to Play

Each player must be a bonafide golfer with a handicap issued by a golf club or a recognised golfing society.
Handicap certificates should be produced on request failure to do so may result in a player being refused permission to play the course.
Each player must be equipped with a set of clubs and the sharing of clubs is therefore forbidden.
The correct green fee for the day must be paid prior to commencing play. In cases where the Professional’s Shop is closed, visitors should contact either the Club Manager or Bar Steward.pond2
Visitor’s Tickets must be displayed as proof of paying the appropriate green fee. Unless the Club Manager has given prior permission, visitors are requested to arrange to play in maximum groups of three.

Ride-on Golf Buggies can only be used with the prior permission of the Club Manager who will need to see evidence of a medical reason requiring the use of a ride-on buggy and that the appropriate insurance cover is in place.

Etiquette on the Course

Caddy cars (wide wheels only) must not be taken onto tees, greens, aprons of greens and inside bunkers protecting greens.

All games will start from the first tee and from the yellow (Gents) or black (Ladies) tee markers unless previously agreed by the Club Manager. Members playing in a club or official competitive event have priority over visitors. A single player has no standing on the course.
Pitch marks on greens must be repaired and divots on the fairways replaced. Bunkers must be properly raked to remove footmarks etc.
Slow play is to be avoided at all times and rounds (18 holes) are expected to take no longer than 3.5 hours.

Pets and animals are not allowed on the course at any time.
The use of mobile phones on the course is prohibited except in cases of extreme emergency.

Dress on the Course

Golf footwear of approved types fitted with either spiked or rubber soles must be worn.

Gentlemen must wear an appropriate collared shirt or roll necked sweater that must be worn tucked inside the trouser or short waistband at all times.
Tee shirts, tracksuits or parts thereof, football and other sports shirts are not allowed. Jeans and denim trousers are not permitted.
Trousers must not be tucked into socks unless waterproofs are being worn over the top. Tailored, knee-length shorts are permitted but only when worn with proper knee or ankle length sports socks.

Ladies must wear dress comparable to that for gentlemen.

Dress in the Clubhouse

Gentlemen must wear a jacket, collar and tie in the Main Lounge and Dining Room after 8pm on Saturdays (dispensation may be given for the removal of jackets by the Captain, Chair of House or another member of the Management Committee).
Tailored, knee-length shorts are acceptable up to 7.30pm provided that proper knee or ankle length sports socks are also worn.
The shirts, tracksuits or parts thereof, football and other sports shirts are not allowed. Jeans, denim trousers and trainers are not permitted.
Golf shoes must not be worn in the clubhouse apart from the locker room and direct access there to from the course.